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Procurement Transformation

GRN Procurement have helped numerous organisations develop their procurement operating model to take them to the next level and beyond.

We deliver long lasting tangible benefits, by adopting a strategic approach to managing your indirect spend. GRN will assist you on this journey by helping you create and deploy effective Category Management plans for key spend, areas coupled with Supplier Relationship Management for the key contracts that are important to your businesses success.

GRN have deployed tried and tested methodologies to transform client's procurement activity from a transactional process into one that is a strategic enabler for their organisation.

We believe that the future operating models will make use of the emerging workflow technology to automate tasks and to provide better data driven decision making. GRN's deep experience in this and area can help you select the appraoch that works best for you.

This, with the right processes, policies and linked to a strategy aligned to the business for procurement to be a true strategic enabler.  

How we transform procurement

  1. We align the procurement activities to the business goals.  No more procurement process for sake of it.  We have helped teams understand where they add value and the best approach to get the right result.  We can help make the procurement function a strategic enabler, rather than be the last place to come for approval. 

  2. Introduce automated processes that are efficient and enable better decisions. We have helped clients automate basic Procure to Pay (P2P) activities, improve their understanding of where the money goes and as a result secure better pricing. 

  3. Reporting with meaningful metrics. Most procurement team’s measure their success by the amount of money they save.  This is great for CFO and Finance team, but often doesn’t resonate with other senior executives who want to see the suppliers delivering their objectives.  GRN Procurement will help you develop a set of statistics that matter to the whole business, and a method of being able to measure them. 


Benefits delivered from transformation

- the average amount an organisation can save per year by automating their Purchase Order process.

- saving in office supplies, delivered for a client as part of a Category Management plan for Facilities and Real Estate.


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