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IT Procurement

GRN Procurement has helped organisations around the world with their IT systems and services procurement.  We help them secure the best available terms, because we understand the technology, the market and the pricing models.  


Since every activity that goes on in a business requires technology in some form to support it, the IT investments in systems and services are the most important purchases they make. However, Gartner has stated that some organisations spend 90% of their budget on third party suppliers, but fail to get good value for money from them.


This is why we work closely with both an organisations IT team as well as the end user to identify, select, negotiate, and manage the supplier contracts. This is vital to ensuring that the organisation gets the best value for money.


​GRN Procurement has secured complex agreements for their clients with many global and niche technology providers including: 
Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe, HP, Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, Workday, MuleSoft, Apple, AWS, IBM, Cisco.
Please get in touch if you would like GRN to review your IT spend and help you identify any opportunities to get a better deal or if you are planning on making large IT invstments and need help with the RFP process.

IT Savings Opportunities

Here are some of the ways GRN helps their customers save on the IT investments.

  1. Your planning on upgrading a system such as CRM, ERP or HR

  2. You have multiple suppliers providing the same type of goods and services such as laptops, software or networks.

  3. You are reviewing your mobile phone plan

  4. Your cloud costs seem to be inceasing.

  5. Your license subscriptions are up for renewal.

  6. You are considering aquiring or have just aquired another business.

  7. You have bought licenses for a system and now we need to expand it across the business.

  8. You have lots of miscellaneous IT spend.

  9. Your IT infrastructure support is coming to the end.

  10. You see a large variance in price for products you are buying.

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