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British Pound Coins

Saving Me Money

We have a proven track record in helping businesses of all sizes find the best solutions to enable them to lower their costs across their third party spend.  Our cost reduction services have delivered savings in all areas including IT, Facilities, Consultancy and Labour and Travel.  


Our specialist skills allow us to identify savings in areas that go beyond the invoice price.  We can drive improvements in EBITDA, profitability and sales margin.


Types of Savings

- is the amount we have saved working with clients!

- is the average saving we make on Software Licenses


Steps to Measuring & Delivering Savings

  1. Data analysis – look at the invoices over the past 12 months to understand what you spend and with whom? 

  2. Benchmark your costs with the market rate.

  3. Set out the size of the prize – setting where the opportunities are and how easy they are to obtain.

  4. Deliver the quick wins within the first 90 days and draw up the medium to long term strategic objectives. 

  5. Roll out the strategy to realise long term and sustainable savings


This can be delivered by our team but will include a skills transfer to your staff to ensure that this is long term and sustainable activity.


We guarantee that we can save you money, if we fail to save you our costs x 10, then we will refund you our fees.

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